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The Carnivale has packed up and rolled out of town. Thank you to the performers, the attendees and the venue for a fantastic show! Will the Carnivale return in 2020? Perhaps...



Need some help with a costume for Creature Carnivale? Don't overthink it! The important thing is to come out and have a good time. Unless you're coming out for the costume contest (in which case, dress to impress), a trip to your local party supply store or a quick, cheap purchase on Amazon can do the trick! Here are some examples of cheap creature ideas that don't require any kind of special dress:
- Any sort of animal feature (tail, horns, etc) clearly sets you apart from a human. Mid-transformation? Animal hybrid?
- Devil horns are quick for those of you with a more sinful approach to life.
- Vampire fangs warn others to keep you out of sunlight (and to wear turtlenecks)
- Colored contacts with abnormal color/design are another easy way to set yourself apart from "normies".
Again, don't overthink it! Come out, have some drinks, watch some performances and enjoy Creature Carnivale!

The Carnivale is bringing in Amber Does Dallas to perform select Rocky Horror Picture Show numbers for all you creatures of the night!
If you're looking for a discount on tickets, make sure and join the Creature Carnivale Facebook Group to see the codes available to save you some money on purchases!

We're one month away from the Carnivale! Firebird Images is joining us as the official photographer of Creature Carnivale and the Vampire Court of Dallas will have a table set up at the event as well. The Vampire Court is a themed charity organization dedicated to making a difference in the local D/FW community by hosting unique events and drives. Swing by and check them out!

Congratulations to Megan Proska on winning the first Encore Master Palette. Stay tuned for the next drawing!

Congratulations to Jeri Emmens on winning the first Midway prize - the makeup kit and gift certificate from Magic Etc! The next Midway prize has been added - an Encore Master Palette: "The Master"! This is a high end, alcohol activated make-up palette donated by Brick in the Yard.

The Creature Carnivale website is live!
I can't tell you how excited I am to bring the Carnivale to life and hope you will join us for a memorable evening.
Ticket sales start at the beginning of May and are initially limited to 200.
You can always find the most up to date news here or on the CC Facebook group: Creature Carnivale Facebook Group.